DHI Hair Transplants in Turkey;
Revitalize Your Appearance

Welcome to EstePulse, your leading choice for exceptional hair transplant services in Turkey. Our dedication is centered around providing exceptional medical tourism services for international patients seeking affordable and high-quality hair restoration procedures. We specialize not only in hair transplants but also offer a range of services including breast surgery, dental treatments, and bariatric surgeries. Located within Istanbul’s esteemed hospitals and clinics, our comprehensive network ensures a tailored and all-encompassing approach to meet your unique aesthetic and medical needs.


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Extraction of Hair Follicles

Individual hair follicles are extracted from the donor area using a specialized tool, ensuring minimizing damage to surrounding tissue.

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Implantation with Choi Pen

Hair follicles are implanted directly into the recipient area using the Choi Pen which enables precise control over the depth of each hair follicle.

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